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Neighborhood Highlight – Lundy Chase, Auburn AL

Monday Morning's with Ashley - Neighborhood Highlight – Lundy Chase, Auburn AL

Lundy Chase model home

If you are looking for one of the fastest growing and hottest areas to buy a home in Auburn; you would look no further than Lundy Chase. Since May 2009 there has been a boom in construction with around 40 new homes complete and more on the way everyday. To find Lundy Chase you turn off Shug Jordan Parkway onto Richland Road (near The Creole and Seafood Shack) and travel approximately 1.3 miles to the entrance. When traveling out that way you will pass the newest elementary school in Auburn, Richland Road Elementary. Adjacent to Richland Road Elementary is the Yarbrough Tennis Center. The tennis center was completed around 2 years ago and has state of the art indoor tennis facilities as well as clay courts.

Entrance to the Tennis Center

Entrance to the Richland Road Elementary School

Lundy Chase began in 2007 with the development of Hunter Court (37 Homes). The developer found a niche in the Auburn market by producing a new home with quality upgrades priced under $200K. The development picked up in May 2009 with the opening of Waterstone Circle and Lundy Chase Drive (38 sold, 25 sites left). My good friends, Tim and Manna Jones, were the first to contract a house in the newest addition. Construction took off after this point and the Jones’ were not without neighbors for long. Here’s a quote from the Jones’ about the neighborhood and their experience with the developer.

The Jones' New Home!

 “Lundy Chase is a great place to live. It’s a quiet secluded neighborhood, but welcoming neighbors make for a friendly atmosphere. The location puts us 5 minutes from anywhere in Auburn and there are lots of children in the area. The other day we spent nearly 2 hours at the playground nearby getting to know moms and kids from Lundy Chase. The open floor plans and modern amenities make for such a comfortable and inviting home. Stone Martin Builders has done and continues to do a great job.”

In honor of the one year anniversary of snow in Auburn (3-1-09), here is a picture of the Jones' house from the recent snow storm.

As mentioned in the quote there are great floor plans in Lundy Chase. There are about 8 different plans to fit all size families and lifestyles. One thing that has set the construction in Lundy Chase apart is the fact that the homes are Energy Star approved. The exterior walls are 2X6 with spray foam insulation. Also, as you can see from the picture below the attics also have the spray foam insulation. This is a major step in helping to reduce power bills up to 40%. Also, the appliances and other systems are Energy Star and aid in reduced power bills also.

These above 3 pictures are from the model home and show the spray foam insulation in place.
 There is a model home on site that gives you an up close look at the construction and finishing options. You are able to watch a film about the spray foam, actually hold some in your hands and look into the attic to see what it looks like installed. Throughout the model you can see flooring options, light packages, plumbing fixture colors and much more.

The above 4 pictures show the model home and some of the choices you get to make. 

The spring of 2010 is bringing an exciting addition to Lundy Chase, a neighborhood pool. The pool is currently under construction as you can see from the pictures below. Once the pool is complete the HOA fee is estimated to be $300 per year.

Pictures above are of the new pool!

The second phase is being worked on to open up soon. This will add 35 new home sites. If this is the type of neighborhood you are looking for, now is the time to start picking your floor plan and lot. The builder, baring unforeseen weather issues, can build a home from ground up under 90 days. Real estate in Auburn is starting to move and Lundy Chase is a major contributor to that effort.

Phase 2 being worked on in Lundy Chase

Jennifer and her family moved into their home in Lundy Chase in mid-December 2009.  See both pictures below.

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